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We provide Snagging London and the home counties, offering a professional, comprehensive, independent snagging service, captured in a detailed report.

Offering an independent perspective, working for new house buyers, investors, property clubs, solicitors, contractors wanting final quality sign off for clients, self builders and anyone interested in the final quality of their new build property. Our Inspectors are highly skilled professionals that come from construction and surveying backgrounds, they have exacting standards when it comes to inspecting your new build home. They also keep up to date with warranty provider legislation.

Citisnagging goes the extra mile and offers all of our customers 2 years after sales service, that means you can contact us to discuss any concerns you may have during this time period, we will always try to offer help and advice. We know how daunting buying a new build home can be, let Citisnagging help alleviate some of the pressure, allowing you to concentrate on your new home.

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    About The Company

    What gets inspected

    We look at all aspects of your home from the build to how it is finished. We don’t just check the cosmetic finish, we look to see if there are any visible leaks or faults and if there are any issues with the build itself.

    • Internals
    • Externals
    • NHBC (other warranty providers)
    • Building Regulations
    • Measuring Service (Apartments)
    • Video (Apartments)
    • Thermal Lite Inspection
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    Our Services & Purpose

    Through years of experience within the industry and a passion for providing our customers with the utmost quality, Citisnagging provides snagging London. We have a true passion to aid both first time buyers and multi-home buyers in receiving their dream property with no smoke and mirrors.

    With housebuilding output at a record high, media attention has turned to the declining quality of new builds in the UK. This means that quality can take a back seat in favour of speed and quantity of new homes being built. We will inspect all parts of the property that can be visually assessed with our snagging inspection services. This includes cosmetic issues, plumbing, electrical (faults & compliance) and external finishing.

    snagging london
    snagging london

    A Trustworthy Service

    Not only are our snagging inspectors highly qualified, trained and efficiently screened, they are also extremely experienced in the surveying of properties.

    Our team’s dedication to providing and maintaining our prestigous high quality service is unmatched. Through transparency, with honest communication with our clients, we can distinguish exactly what requirements need to be met.

    Contact our specialists today to begin our jargon-free process and secure the utmust quality of your property.

    snagging london
    Our Passion
    Our sole purpose is to ensure our clients receive the property they were promised.
    Highly Experienced Surveyors
    Through sheer experience and training, our inspectors are unmatched throughout the industry.
    Highly Qualified
    Our entire team is highly qualified and trained in their respective sector, ready to provide the best service possible.
    Thorough Communication
    Our team is on hand and ready to aid you in each and every step.

    Snagging London FAQS

    At the time of or just before building work has been completed on a property, it is common for short comings and imperfections to occur. We call these a “Snag”.
    An example of this could be a door incorrectly fitted, wall tiles not aligned, a scratch on a window or something more serious.

    A snagging inspection is conducted to establish defects that need to be rectified within a house. It is the inspector’s duty to highlight anything that falls below a set benchmark of standards for workmanship, anything not completed to specification, and anything that breaches building regulations.

    Do your research via the internet for example reviews on trust pilot or face book. Communicate with the company by phone and ask probing questions. Some good questions to ask are:

    • How long have you been established?
    • What qualifications do you have?
    • Does the company only provide a mobile number?
    • Is the company insured?
    • Can the company provide an example of an inspection report?

    Our prices range from £320-£400. The service we provide has been tried and tested – we go the extra mile by tailoring our expertise to your individual needs. We are an established company that has been trading for 17 years, unlike some of the pop up snagging companies who are here today and gone tomorrow.

    Experience counts in this business; you should always establish what experience the company has first. Paying that bit extra for peace of mind will pay you dividends in the long run.

    Ideally, you should seek a snagging service if you’re buying a new build home, where snags are generally more profound and landlords often skip corners to secure higher profits, especially from first-time buyers. Snagging London will reveal any issues with the property and help start the process of correcting these issues.

    Once you have moved into the property, contractors and landlords can dispute possible snags and claim you, as a new resident has caused the issue, which is why utilising a snagging service can be highly important during the initial stages of the purchase.

    • Damaged Stonework
    • Chipped external doors and frames
    • Poorly fitted internal doors
    • Decorative issues
    • Blocked Guttering and drains generally
    • Water logged gardens (In winter)
    • Poor fitting kitchen and bathroom equipment and fittings
    • Sealant inconsistencies
    • Loft insulation issues
    • Brickwork Pointing

    Unfortunately no. Your builder is not required to allow snagging inspections onto the premises, in fact this issue is quite common. If you find yourself in this situation, contact your solicitor to stop any final payments being transferred until you are 100% satisfied with the property.

    Leaking of pipes, and water ingress through roof windows and brickwork.

    Buildings by their very nature go through different seasons: cold (snow), wet and hot weather. Ground heave caused by vegetation and leaking drains may also have an impact. Externally the fabric of the building could take anything from 1-2 years to stabilize and settle.

    No new builds are not bad, however snagging concerns with new builds are common. Do your homework and research the developer you intend using.

    A defect new build is a problem within your home the developer is contractually obliged to resolve under the terms of your warranty

    There is an element of water in the materials and fabric of a new build and as a result of this throughout the drying process cracking may occur but it’s most likely to be because of drying shrinkage, thermal or moisture changes in building materials, or ground settlement. Shrinkage Shrinkage occurs during the initial drying out of a home.

    It varies depending on the season which the house was built i.e. winter, summer or during a rainy period. Is the house well ventilated through windows trickled vents etc.

    Exactly as it sounds, a snagging list or “punch list” is compiled from all the defects found within a new build property. These “snags” could be minor or major issues. During a house inspection, a snagger will write down anything they find not up to standards to give to the new homeowner.

    Similar to a snagging list, a snagging report will show any defects present in the new build house for the construction team and the new homeowner. The report is the last step in the process, finalising the issues found in the property and writing them up in document form.

    Generally speaking, the typical snagging process for a moderately sized home takes around 5 hours on average. This time can vary depending on the shape, size and general layout of the home.

    As snagging involves a thorough check, the time spent will completely cover each inch of the house, so the more time inspecting, the better. Snagging London also includes the inspection of the niche aspects of properties, including built-in wardrobes, hidden cupboards and more. We believe the time spent ensuring a thoro


    With many contractors cutting corners for new build houses, snagging is important to reduce the chances of major construction issues occurring within your home. It ensures you get the most out of your new property investment and will improve the home environment.

    Once a new-build property is deemed complete, a builder has two years from that date to fix any reported snags, regardless of whether you’ve moved in or not. However, if you have, a builder may hold you responsible for any issues or defects if they were not previously outlined. We recommend getting a snagging report as soon as possible to increase the long-run quality of your home.

    There is no legal difference between a ‘snag’ and a ‘defect’. However, a ‘snag’ could refer to the more easily-seen problems found during the snagging process, while a ‘defect’ could be used for a longer-term problem that may not be obvious until the property has been lived in for some time. Concerns of defects can include health and safety hazards, possible issues with long term living and more.

    The first two years in your new home will be covered by a defects insurance period. This covers any problems that are the fault of the developer or builder, such as faulty windows or poorly installed pipework.

    In theory, new tenants of a property can carry out their own snagging inspections, but to stand the best chance against potential issues with your new home, hire a specialist to carry out a thorough snagging survey, it won’t be regretted.

    As a leading snagging service provider, we are well recognised by both contractors and landlords for well established snagging surveys, reinspection and correction. With our reputation, paired with our efficient methods of snagging, corrections are made promptly, ensuring your equity remains intact and your property is purchased without regrets.