About us

Backed by many years of experience within the industry, with unmatched insight into the mindset of property developers, our surveyors are truly specialists.

Our Motive & Ethos

It is vital that you assess the condition of the property with a critical eye to offer a best snagging inspection. Even minor faults can lead to more serious issues in the future. The process of fixing such issues can be both expensive and time-consuming.

It’s our duty to provide you with the best services and to NHBC standard. Our report and if required, the follow up service, enable you to engage with your developer knowing that you have an independent voice.


What Is Snagging?

A snagging inspection is a process of picking up defects (snags) or omissions within a property. This usually refers to a new build and can help you make sure that you receive exactly what you pay for from your developer. Whilst the word Snagging is not the contractual term, it is used as a slang term within the industry.

Citi Snagging has a professional snagging inspection team that has extensive experience in working with housebuilders. We know exactly what to look for, inspecting all parts of the property to ensure nothing is missed. There will be some areas which the snagging inspector will not fully report such as an intensive structural survey. Whilst we will comment on issues from a visual inspection, a full structural survey will be required if you want to inspect structural issues. Backed by our extensive knowledge in the industry, we ensure each client receives a trustworthy snagging inspection.

Our Aftercare Methods

Our aftercare service is dedicated to ensuring that each outlined issue as part of the snagging inspection is checked. We understand that some fault corrections may take time, especially for the landlord to contact the builders, set arrival dates and follow through the the work.

As construction continues, our team will be dedicated in returning to the property once we have been notified that the corrections have been set. This will be followed by a second inspection, ensuring that complete compliance has been established and the correction has been made.

Fees and Calendar