RPSA Technical Member

Citi Snagging are proud to announce that we are now RPSA Technical Members. This means that we abide by the RPSA code of practice and all pre completion inspections are conducted by accredited competent inspectors.

The RPSA has established itself as the leading professional association representing residential surveying specialists. They have exceptional communication channels with all sectors of the home buying and selling industry up to national and Government level and have demonstrated their willingness and ability to innovate and pioneer.

Their leadership in industry stakeholder collaboration has led, for example, to ground-breaking developments in the creation of snagging standards and guidance for surveyors and valuers.

By extending membership to include other activity groups within the residential sector they bring standards, professionalism and visibility to practitioners who have, until now, lacked a cohesive identity.

For independent residential surveyors of all descriptions, having one clear voice to promote our interests, skills and quality is vital in establishing them as professionals who deliver a great service.

Technical membership is open to those with a level 3 qualification or equivalent. This includes practitioners experienced in snagging, energy assessment, inventories, dilapidations, and other related activities.

Affiliate membership is for firms where more than 50% of their active relevant practitioners are already members of the RPSA but who, as an organisation, want to demonstrate their professionalism by being part of the RPSA family.

For consumers it can be very difficult to identify professional advisers who specialise in the residential sector. Other surveyors organisations tend to extend membership through commercial and other sectors making it difficult for home buyers, sellers and owners to find the right source of knowledge.

For the first time the Residential Property Surveyors Association will be bringing together all of those professionals under one clear and unambiguous trust badge. This will benefit consumers and will help focus attention on the RPSA as the primary resource of residential specialists.

The most fundamental requirement in the RPSA Code of Conduct is that members work within their competency. So, a Technical member with a qualification in a snagging related discipline would not be automatically accredited to undertake, for example, a building survey or a schedule of dilapidations. To do so they would need to have or acquire additional skills and qualifications. Equally, an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor would not be able to undertake snagging inspections without further training and/or qualifications.

Every member is expected to engage in regular and ongoing personal and professional development to ensure their skills are current, and to acquire new skills to be able to offer additional services.

Being a professional means we recognise our limitations and constantly assess our own abilities to identify where we should gain new or enhanced skills.

There are be 4 grades of membership:-

Full – for those with a residential surveying qualification at NVQ level 6 for surveys usually requiring investigative analysis, equivalent membership or accreditation as an experienced practitioner.

Technical – for those with a residential surveying qualification at NVQ level 3 that does not usually require investigated analysis, equivalent membership or accreditation as an experienced practitioner.

Affiliate – for firms of 3 or more relevant active practitioners where 50% or more of those practitioners are individual members of the RPSA.

Student – for those on a recognised course of study, culminating in a qualification that would afford membership at Technical or Full level.

Being a member of the RPSA isn’t just a badge. It’s about operating in a professional way and for the benefit of our clients. Consumers recognise the RPSA badge as a mark of quality and a way to identify a professional who can be relied upon and who will work to the highest standards.

The Residential Property Surveyors Association sets out its mission to raise standards and put quality at the forefront of the provision of residential surveying services.

RPSA Technical recognises that many property inspections do not require investigative analysis of structural defects, but do require the services of a skilled professional to undertake an informed, and methodical review of visual and cosmetic matters.

Achieving consistency in the recording and reporting of condition, quality and/or features requires knowledge and understanding to deliver valuable reporting products for the benefit of consumers and fellow professionals.

RPSA Technical demonstrates an ambition to operate at the highest level of competency, within a professional environment that recognises skill, knowledge and a desire to exceed the expectations of our clients and peers.

Through its business exchange panel, the RPSA offers a range of survey products including Home Condition Surveys, Building Surveys and the unique Buy-To-Let Survey, all based on the same, comprehensive, inspection standard, and all delivering a report more targeted towards the nature and use of the property.

The RPSA panel delivers residential surveys to consumers through its national team of member surveyors, receiving instructions directly from consumers and from third party introducers, supported by bespoke survey software and a robust quality assurance programme.

The RPSA represents the interests of independent residential property surveyors at local, national and Government level and is involved in a range of activities focused on improving the house buying and selling process for consumers.

The RPSA is referenced by respected organisations such as Which, Money Advice Service and The Government How To Buy Guide