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long does snagging take

How long does snagging take?

When purchasing a new build property you should be made aware of the snagging process and the benefits it can have. Unfortunately with new builds, you will often come across contractors looking to cut corners. This can cause infrastructure issues…

what to look for when snagging a house

What to Look for When Snagging a House

It is natural to think that if you are moving into a new build you will not have many or even any defects or snagging issues with the property- This is unfortunately a common misconception. New developments are often built…

a guide to snagging

A Guide To Snagging

What is snagging? Our comprehensive guide to snagging dives into the nature of carrying out services for snagging, answering commonly asked questions and the benefits of snagging. If you are looking for a reputable snagging inspection company, then reach out…

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