When purchasing a new build property you should be made aware of the snagging process and the benefits it can have. Unfortunately with new builds, you will often come across contractors looking to cut corners. This can cause infrastructure issues as well as various other problems around the property. Investing in a snagging company to inspect your home will ensure the property you are moving into is not dangerous, or will not cost you a significant amount in the long run.

Finding someone to snag your home

Finding someone to snag your home is the simplest part of the process. Citisnagging offers assistance to clients across London and the home counties, by contacting us you will receive an industry-leading service from our expert team. We will work with you and your property, providing each client with a snagging report after an inspection which can then be shared with your contractor. 

We are here to help with new builds and all your snagging needs. 

The snagging process

Whilst most snagging inspections take place two weeks after completion, known as the snagging period, inspections can be taken out up to two years after the purchase of a property. Within this time, you have the right to inspect your property and report any issues that arise. 

The actual snagging process depends on the size of your property and the quality of the build. The more snags found, the longer the inspection will take. On average, you can expect a snagging inspection to take anywhere between 3 to 5 hours. After this, a report will be assembled with a list of snags that need to be attended to, which you’ll receive by post within a few working days. 

Reporting snags

As with the inspection process, new build properties have a two-year warranty when it comes to snags. Within this time period, your contractors are legally obligated to fix any snags you have reported. Once these have been identified and recorded by your snagging provider, this list can then be given to your contractor and they can act accordingly. 

Citisnagging’s standards are high and we won’t allow our report to reflect otherwise. We want you to feel safe and stress-free in your new home, so work with us to guarantee any snags will be identified and properly reported. 

Fixing Snags

Builders must fix snags within the same time frame you’re given to report them, two years. Any listed defects from a snagging report will be given to your builder to work on. 

However, some builders or contractors might refuse to fix snags if they believe the property follows along with warranty standards. Your warranty provider can offer you advice in this situation and attempt to resolve the issue. A case can be pursued with the NHBC (National Housing Building Council), and either taken to court or settled outside depending on the escalation needed. We can help you through this process should it occur with our two-year after sale service, dedicated to assisting you with your new build. 

If an inspection and report are completed without any issues, the whole process shouldn’t take longer than a week or two. Remember that you have up to two years to report any snags in your home, so don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.