A pre-completion inspection checklist (PCI) is a set list of items that require checking prior to the property being handed over to the buyer. It was introduced by the NHQB – New Homes Quality Board which is an independent non-profit organisation; as part of the New Homes Quality Code (NHQC). The checklist covers most aspects of the property; structure, fittings, fixtures and finishes with the aim of checking the property is completed to the required standard ensuring any reported defects are either completed prior to occupancy, or a plan is shared with the buyer regarding rectification works. No deviations are permitted from the set checklist.

A general snagging inspection can be carried out after completion and is a much more focused, tailored inspection which allows inspectors to look at all areas and report accordingly, it involves identifying any defects or issues that need to be addressed by the developer, helping to ensure the property meets the required standards/tolerances and is free from defects.