Aftercare Service

Our aftercare service is dedicated to ensuring that our customers receive complete support before, during and after their snagging inspection. This service includes a number of methods to ensure each of our clients have full access to our expertise, aiding them in the snagging process and issues that may occur.

At Citisnagging, we share an incentive of providing each of our clients with stress and jargon-free service, ensuring to simplify and take on the strain of outstanding tasks. Our specialists will handle the workload, applying their extensive knowledge to troubleshoot and solve apparent issues.

General Enquiries

Whether you seek further information on certain ‘snags’ that became apparent during the inspection, or advise on which route to take next, our specialists will be on hand to assist. With heaps of experience within the industry, our team is unmatched in knowledge and general know-how, ensuring that you are in the correct hands.

Again, through extensive knowledge of the industry, our team can offer technical advice during your enquiry, should you need it. Our after service is truly bespoke and custom to how much information you may require and seek to understand, avoiding possible overwhelming details.

Ensuring Tradesmen & Landlord Fulfilment

Due to the nature of maximising profits, landlords, property builders and other distributors may skip corners or use cheaper alternatives. This helps them in ensuring the maximum profit when the property is sold, still being listed at a competitive price, in regards to the area and the quality of their surroundings.

Citisnagging work to ensure compliance between landlord and tradesmen alike. We seek to build solid communications with each party during the process, offering to operate on behalf of our client through complete transparency. With our experience, we ensure that our client won’t be taken advantage of through quality, timing and other methods of corner skipping.

During the process of outlined issues, we strive to ensure 100% correction for each and every snag. During reinspection, our specialists will follow through with multiple inspections, making sure each party has fulfilled promises of quality and standards.

Contact Us

For further details on our aftercare services and how it may be of help to you, contact us today. Our team will be delighted to assist you with your current situation, applying our knowledge and experience to your cause. 0800 2545530.