Through years of experience within the industry and a passion for providing our customers with the utmost quality, Citisnagging provides snagging inspections. Secure the quality of your home today with our expertise and guidance, contact our snagging inspection team today on 0800 2545530.

What Is A Re-Inspection?

A snagging inspection is a process of picking up defects (snags) or omissions within a property. This usually refers to a new build and can help you make sure that you receive exactly what you pay for from your developer. Our re-inspection service aims to provide a follow up on outlined issues within these properties, ensuring compliance of fault fixes. Whilst the word Snagging is not the contractual term, it is used as a slang term within the industry.

Citisnagging has a professional snagging inspection team that has extensive experience in working with housebuilders. We know exactly what to look for, inspecting all parts of the property to ensure nothing is missed. There will be some areas which the snagging inspector will not fully report such as an intensive structural survey. We then ensure that the outlined areas are then fixed and up to the standards of not only our inspectors but I clients too. Whilst we will comment on issues from a visual inspection, a full structural survey will be required if you want to inspect structural issues. Backed by our extensive knowledge in the industry, we ensure each client receives a trustworthy snagging inspection.

Why Do I Need a Reinspection?

Due to the nature of maximising profits, landlords, property builders and other distributors may skip corners or use cheaper alternatives. This helps them in ensuring the maximum profit when the property is sold, still being listed at a competitive price, in regards to the area and the quality of their surroundings.

The main issue occurs when either a first-time buyer or a multi-home purchaser proceeds in the purchase of the said property. Whilst the property may appear to function well and look aesthetically pleasing, the corners skipped and the cheaper aspects may begin to appear once it is too late.

In the scenario of which a property has been inspected correctly for any cut corners, the builders will be required to make these changes in regards to compliance. There follows the main purpose of reinspection. By re-inspecting the property, our team can report that the outlined changes have been corrected or still require attention, alongside picking up any new issues/developments.

Our Aftercare Service

Our aftercare service is dedicated to ensuring that each outlined issue as part of the snagging inspection is checked. We understand that some fault corrections may take time, especially for the landlord to contact the builders, set arrival dates and follow through the work.

As construction continues, our team will be dedicated to returning to the property once we have been notified that the corrections have been set. This will be followed by a second inspection, ensuring that complete compliance has been established and the correction has been made.

Be sure to contact our team for enquiries on our aftercare service.