Snagging Survey


A snag is a small defect or problem after works have been completed on a new property. This could be something damaged, broken or not fitted correctly, but with our thorough snagging surveys, you can ensure your equity remains intact. No new homeowner should settle for an incomplete home, therefore utilising Citi Snagging’s snagging survey service will push you one step further to a safe and secure property.

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A Reputable & Reliable Snagging Survey

With housebuilding output at a record high, especially in recent times, there has been a general decline in the quality of new builds due to mass production. With little to no governance over the quality of homes being built, constructors may be cut to save on costs and time. Although landlord and contractors may promise quality, our snagging survey service will assure compliance.

A Snagging Survey ensures that all issues, whether large or small, are addressed and brought to the attention of the landlord or homeowner. By doing this through the use of our snagging survey specialists, here at Citi Snagging, you stand a higher chance of discovering and notifying the issue in the correct manner.

A Snagging Survey Dedicated To Securing Your Assets

With no link or contracts to work alongside constructors, we work alongside our client, aiding them throughout the entirety of the snagging survey. With no obligation to contractors, our snagging surveys are honest, with a strong focus on corrections that should be made, based on the client’s best interests.

The purchasing of a home can often be the largest purchase most people make in their entire lives and with such a large margin of money on the line, it can be a worrying time. Taking the step of securing your equity with the use of a snagging survey can be a huge benefit, as we can provide additional services to chase the correction of these snags.

How A Snagging Survey Can Benefit Your New Home

We have collaborated our experience and knowledge of the house building industry to create the most clear-cut and comprehensive snagging survey report available.

Although you may discover some faults yourself when carrying out daily living, our professional and experienced snagging surveys will ensure that complaints taken to the residential developments are taken seriously.

All of our snagging surveys are created using our state of the art inspection methods, including photographic evidence and more. This not only makes our reports as clear as possible but also helps avoid any excuses from your builder.

As a snagging survey company, we are established to builders and landlords, asserting ourselves to increase the speed of snag corrections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, the typical snagging survey for a moderately sized home takes around 5 hours on average. This time can vary depending on the shape, size and general layout of the home.

As a snagging survey is a thorough check, the time spent will completely cover each inch of the house, so the more time inspecting, the better.

Ideally, you should get a snagging survey if you’re buying a new build home. The survey will reveal any issues with the property and make sure they are fixed before you move in. Once you have moved into the property, contractors and landlords can dispute possible snags and claim you, as a new resident has caused the issue.

There is no legal difference between a ‘snag’ and a ‘defect’. However, a ‘snag’ could refer to the more easily-seen problems found in a snagging survey, while a ‘defect’ could be used for a longer-term problem that may not be obvious until the property has been lived in for some time.

The first two years in your new home will be covered by a defects insurance period. This covers any problems that are the fault of the developer or builder, such as faulty windows or poorly-installed pipework.

In theory, new tenants of a property can carry out their own inspections, but to stand the best chance against potential issues with your new home, hire a specialist. Our snagging surveys are well recognised by contractors and landlords, thus stand a higher chance of corrections being made in a quicker fashion.