Assure Your Assets With Snagging

With housebuilding output at a record high, and real estate becoming more of an entry point for profits, the declining quality of new-builds is becoming more apparent throughout the UK. The average new homeowner will find a number of defects that can be tedious to get repaired, especially with the added pressure of moving furniture, redecorating and more. 

Through the use of snagging from Citisnagging, we ensure an inspection is carried out by an industry expert. With many years of experience in the industry, we find many more defects, as we understand where corners are usually skipped, that would usually save homebuilders time and money at the expense of the new homebuyer. With a snagging list, we put the power back in your hands, assuring your assets and ensuring you receive the promised property standard.

Secure the quality of your new home with snagging from the leading experts in snag detection and correction. No new homeowner should settle for an incomplete home, or work around certain aspects of the property that may be unfinished, broken, or not fitted correctly.

Snagging - Finding Fault With Precision & Urgency

Utilising our experience and knowledge of the new house building industry, we have created the most clear-cut and comprehensive snagging survey available. Although you may discover some faults yourself when snagging a new house, our professional and experienced  snagging surveyors will ensure that complaints given to the residential developments are taken seriously. As an industry staple, snagging from Citisnagging will ensure that corrections are followed through promptly.

Snagging is undertaken using our state of the art inspection software. This allows us to take multiple images per defect and ensure our reports are more extensive than any of our competitors. This not only makes our reports as clear as possible but also helps avoid any excuses from your builder.

To see an example of snagging, visit our sample report. Our snagging services are thorough, easy to follow and directly focused on ensuring that new buyers are receiving property with high standards, originally promised by builders.

Start Snagging Today

We use our knowledge, experience and equipment to ensure your new home is professionally inspected, providing snagging for each part of the property to help ensure you are getting exactly what you paid for from your developer. Technical practices and regulatory standards can be difficult to identify to the common eye, especially if a builder has hidden some snags or omissions. To locate and begin correcting these issues, simply contact our team for snagging today.


Generally speaking, the typical snagging process for a moderately sized home takes around 5 hours on average. This time can vary depending on the shape, size and general layout of the home.

As snagging involves a thorough check, the time spent will completely cover each inch of the house, so the more time inspecting, the better. Snagging also includes the inspection of the niche aspects of properties, including built-in wardrobes, hidden cupboards and more. We believe the time spent ensuring a thorough snagging inspection is well spent and ensures time saved in the near future.

Ideally, you should seek a snagging service if you’re buying a new build home, where snags are generally more profound and landlords often skip corners to secure higher profits, especially from first-time buyers. Snagging will reveal any issues with the property and help start the process of correcting these issues. 

Once you have moved into the property, contractors and landlords can dispute possible snags and claim you, as a new resident has caused the issue, which is why utilising a snagging service can be highly important during the initial stages of the purchase.

There is no legal difference between a ‘snag’ and a ‘defect’. However, a ‘snag’ could refer to the more easily-seen problems found during the snagging process, while a ‘defect’ could be used for a longer-term problem that may not be obvious until the property has been lived in for some time. Concerns of defects can include health and safety hazards, possible issues with long term living and more.

The first two years in your new home will be covered by a defects insurance period. This covers any problems that are the fault of the developer or builder, such as faulty windows or poorly installed pipework.

In theory, new tenants of a property can carry out their own snagging inspections, but to stand the best chance against potential issues with your new home, hire a specialist to carry out a thorough snagging survey, it won’t be regretted. 

As a leading snagging service provider, we are well recognised by both contractors and landlords for well established snagging surveys, reinspection and correction. With our reputation, paired with our efficient methods of snagging, corrections are made promptly, ensuring your equity remains intact and your property is purchased without regrets.